Our Vision


Helping ourselves by helping our customers


The management team of Acme Tel

The management team of Acme Tel with years of IT and Telecom experience has successfully led the company to consistent profitability and esteemed industry recognition. Our team is accountable for bringing change and continuous improvement across a broad range of business disciplines, such as operations, business development, product development, marketing, engineering, and customer service.

Under the supervision of  Acme Tel’ Management team the company is growing manifold and there is a clear growth in the revenue, playing a vital role in expanding the company’s business and helping to create new jobs and attract new businesses. Our Management team has brought with them extensive experience in leadership and management skills coupled with extensive technical skills.

Acme Tel employs the best and brightest people and the leadership empowers them to achieve the highest degree of performance. Acme Tel management team is headed by the CEO & Director including the board members active participation. The key decisions regarding business, strategies, spotting new business opportunities, are made under the supervision of CEO along with the directors whose role fall under advisory capacity.

 Baleegh Afridi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Baleegh Afridi, Chief Executive Officer of Acme Tel, has taken the company to never-imagined higher level of achievement though his strong visionary capabilities by facing challenges and coming up with initiatives spanning the spectrum of new opportunities. He has intensely committed, continuously played his role in training, developing, encouraging the employees at every stage of the journey aimed at creating greater value and capitalizing on new opportunities within a framework of corporate ethical practices. Mr. Baleegh Afridi with his exceptional business acumen brought into sight new potential business avenues to the company.

Zeeshan Hussain


Mr. Zeeshan Hussain, Director of Acme Tel, has played a pivotal role through his strategizing skills in helping the company to achieve where it stands today and striving for new heights of growth and success in near future.

Mr. Zeeshan has shared his knowledge and skills to the company, since its inception, to progress towards continuous cycle of growth and contrived to meet the desired levels of success.