Our Goals


Our goal is to provide competitive advantage to our customers through excellence in our services. Our business expansion is directed towards cutting edge technologies and competitive offerings to keep abreast of latest market trends


Network Optimization

Networks only when well-tuned are able to produce optimal results and that too at a competitive cost, providing result oriented services for the operators.

With years of experience in wireless networking, Acme Tel has exceptional approaching into network optimization. Acme Tel has a unique approach to help its operators by foreseeing the problems that results in reduction of cost and improves quality. We offer our clients a complete solution relying on change management, process control and innovation. We create value by ensuring sustainable change and through engineering change.

Monitoring and improving the performance of radio network is optimization. It is supposed to be a continuous process as this is the only way of increasing network efficiency which in turn generates revenue from the network. The cellular network covers wide areas and provides capacity to many people and a number of variables are involved that need to be monitored and rectified continuously for providing quality service.

Our Network Optimization services include:

  • OMC Counters
  • RNC Traces
  • Post processing and Reporting
  • Independent inter-operator benchmarking services