Our Mission


We maximize profitability by providing quality, reliability and business volume to our customers


Scratch Card Printing

Acme Tel is here to steer you through the process of designing and printing scratch cards by paying great attention mainly to the planning phase and through our expertise we are able to produce high quality scratch cards and that too at a very competitive price.

We design and produce scratch cards i.e. GSM, Calling Cards, Internet etc. to the very highest quality and security standards, which are in accordance with procedures indicated in the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Understanding the demands of our clients whether they are placing an order for the first time or use them at a regular basis, we provide the right scratch off promotion aligning your needs.  

Offset printing and UV drying techniques are applied on printing, paper, carton, PVC, PP materials. Packaging is done in automatic machines with special cutting. If required our company also offers unique alpha-numeric character for your scratch cards. Shipment and delivery is arranged on time.