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Acme Tel is an energetic and reliable voice and IT/ Telecom & consulting services provider backed by seasoned professionals. Since inception, Acme Tel is a customer centric and quality focused company that still holds its forte.

Acme Tel is interconnected with Tier 1 carriers and national telecoms thus providing topnotch voice termination services to A-Z destinations around the globe.  We ensure to render wholesale voice services of high quality and low cost to our customers.


Acme Tel is also offering retail voice services through its Singapore and US operations. Apart from that, we enable carriers to run their own retail voice, benefiting from state-of-the-art technology in place, offered through white label services.

Acme Tel’s relentless dedication and passionate teamwork enabled us to build and maintain strong business relationships with our clients. These achievements have motivated our team to take up further challenges for future growth of our company.


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